Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There Is Xerox On the Inside Of Your Eyelids....

is the name of the art show currently going on right now at the Torrance Art Museum. Todd and I decided to head down to the opening of this show in support of some old Torrance skate buddies Todd used to share a ramp or two with. The show was a celebration of 80's skate zines, fliers and photographs. Curated by Rich Jacobs with artists including Andy Jenkins, Spike Jonze, Bruce Adams and many others.

Bend Zine #10, Photo by Spike Jonze

I ran into one of my favorite photographers Chrissy Piper there. Check out her AMAZING work here

Andy Jenkins Bend Zine # 8 with Kelly Hart on the cover. You may recognize the name Kelly Hart because I did some photography for her awesome clothing line a couple years ago check it out here : Kelly Hart Clothing

And while you're there check out the art show going on next store entitled: The Rise of Rad: The Influence of the Urethane Revolution, curated by Max Presneill