Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Holy Holga!

Who doesn't love a nice Holga? I mean, some of my absolute favorite photographs I've taken were with a Holga. You might look at this photo (above) and think, "Did Momma and Papa Holga produce a siamese twin?" Well, yes...I mean no, well sort of?

It's Holga's new creation. This little guy here takes 3-D photos. I know you're thinking, "Well how does this work?" The camera takes a photo with both lenses and when printed side by side, it creates a 3-D image (when viewed with the slide viewer).
This awesome camera also has the built in color splash flash, with 3 gel colors. Yes!

All this for a pretty fair price of $99. Well, the slide viewer is sold separately ($20).

You can get one of your from your local photo store or here

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