Monday, July 13, 2009


Since we've moved into our new home, we haven't done too much to decorate.

I've put none of my photography up, actually to think of it, out of the whole house, we have one thing hanging on the wall (Todd's velvet clown painting). Well, I found the cutest vintage set of artwork. It's a four piece set of wide eyed 1960's mod girls I purchased from
Atomic Hotdish on Etsy. Check her stuff out. Some of the coolest, vintage , retro stuff I've seen.

Aren't they the cutest things ever! The photo is by
Atomic HotDish. The color they are backed against in the photo she took has inspired me to paint our bedroom wall that pretty blue color and of course hang these precious pieces of art against it.

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  1. those photos are ADORABLE! and i lovelovelove the color you've painted the walls. your house must be beautiful :)!

    oh and i also adore your blog header - what a great idea!